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Emma Lewis Naturopath and Midwife Holisitc Pregnancy


Can I see you for all my antenatal appointments?

Unfortunately, we cannot be your primary care provider for your pregnancy, birth or postpartum period. We can however, provide education in those areas to help you make evidence-based, informed choices for your individualized situation.


Often these important topics get missed with your primary care provider due to time constraints at the hospital, or a different knowledge base with your obstetrician. That’s where we can help fill the gaps and help prepare you for your journey.  

I thought I couldn’t take any supplements in pregnancy or while breastfeeding except for Elevit?

This is simply not true. There are plenty of options available to you, however, you need to make sure they are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. That's where we come in.  

Can you take my blood pressure, listen to the baby’s heart beat or measure my tummy?

Whilst I am qualified and can perform these skills, I am not your primary care provider and am restricted through my registration in my ability to carry out these elements of your care.


You’re best to get your GP, hospital midwife, or obstetrician to attend to these requests.    

I’m having a planned elective caesarean, do I still need a birth plan or education?

Absolutely! Just because you’re having a planned operation to meet your baby it does not mean there are fewer decisions to make, remembering we are planning not only for the birth, but during your pregnancy, as well as, afterwards.


These choices will shape the beginning of the postnatal period and can include: skin-to-skin, early breastfeeding, expressing of colostrum, birth partner present, delayed cord clamping - just to name a a few  that you may wish to explore and implement to ensure you feel in control and ready to welcome your new baby. on your terms   

Do you just do education while pregnant, or can I see you after the baby is born?

A huge part of my consultations cover and are carried out after birth, in the postpartum period. It is often a time that is not planned for, yet is so life changing. It can be incredibly intense and a good support network during this time is vital.

Can you prescribe practitioner only supplements and herbs?

Yes! We certainly can. That’s the beauty of working with a Naturopathic Midwife, only the very best of supplements will be offered. No wasting money on cheap alternatives that don’t work as effectively.

Will you be with me at my birth?

Unfortunately we don’t attend births through our services. We can help you prepare and plan so you can achieve the best possible birth outcome for you and your family and will give you tools and supplements to use to help support you.


We can also discuss the different care and birthing options and where the best place would be for you to give birth and receive immediate postpartum care.   

Why do I need a birth plan? I am just going to see how I go on the day.

Not knowing your options, means you don't have any. This statement is what it's all about. Making a plan doesn’t set your birth in concrete, it’s about the process of stopping, looking at all the information and choosing what is relevant to your situation.


It's more about reaffirming your values and beliefs and writing it down as a contract to yourself as much as it is letting your care providers know about your informed choices.     

I’ve had a baby before, is your service just for first time mothers?

Absolute not. Our services are beneficial and designed to cater for all women. We're here to help you no matter which stage you’re at: Preconception, pregnancy, labour/birth planning, postpartum/postnatal support.


We have helped many women regain their power whether in birth, of as a result of a negative or traumatic experience from prior births, or poor breastfeeding experiences.


We can provide you with insight into the maternity system and the knowledge and tools required to navigate pregnancy, birth, regaining your body and connecting with baby.


It's so healing and transforming moving from birth trauma to birth optimization!

Do you do home visits?

Yes, we do - so long as you’re situated in the Metro Brisbane, Logan, Redlands or North Brisbane regions.


Please note: Travel charges apply - please enquire at the time of booking.

Still can't find the answer to your question? 


Get in touch- we'd love to assist further!

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