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Naturopathic Pregnancy Care: The Vital Link Between Body, Mind and Birthing Bliss.

Updated: Jan 30

In the dual roles of Naturopathic practitioner and Registered Midwife, my professional journey has been fueled by a profound belief—the interconnectedness of a healthy body and mind lays the foundation for a joyous and vibrant childbirth. Witnessing the gaps in conventional maternity care, I founded Holistic Midwifery Australia with an unwavering commitment to providing women and families with a deeply compassionate and personalised childbirth experience, where natural remedies and holistic treatments play a pivotal role.

Harmony through the Childbirth Journey

Traditional models often overlook the integral relationship between physical and mental well-being during the miraculous journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Holistic Midwifery Australia is built on the conviction that nurturing both body and mind through a harmonious blend of Naturopathic Pregnancy Care and midwifery insight can transform the childbirth experience.

Cultivating Wellness Through Naturopathic Pregnancy Care

Naturopathic medicine, with its array of natural therapies—nutrition, herbal remedies, supplements, homeopathy, and lifestyle adjustments—serves as a guiding force in fostering the holistic well-being of women at every stage of their maternity journey.

A Blossoming Beginning:

Empowering women with insights into optimal nutrition, personalised herbal care, and lifestyle adjustments creates an environment conducive to conception and supports fertility—a vital step in the journey toward a vibrant, healthy baby.

Tender Support for Pregnancy Challenges:

From the common discomforts of morning sickness to the intricate terrain of hyperemesis gravidarum and gestational diabetes, our approach offers gentle remedies to alleviate symptoms, nurturing not just the physical body but the peace of mind crucial for a flourishing pregnancy.

Nurturing Mental Health:

Amidst the miraculous journey, mental health is an often-overlooked facet. Holistic Midwifery Australia stands as a beacon of compassionate support, providing natural remedies, counseling, and lifestyle interventions to nurture the mental well-being of expecting mothers.

Strengthening Immunity:

Addressing recurrent infections, colds, and flus is pivotal during pregnancy. Our focus on immune system fortification minimises reliance on pharmaceuticals, ensuring a resilient foundation for both mother and baby.

Empowering Choices Through Knowledge:

Comprehensive birth education empowers women and their partners, allowing them to make informed decisions and actively participate in their birth plans, cultivating a sense of confidence and control crucial for a positive birthing experience.

Beyond Birth: Postpartum Resilience:

Holistic Midwifery Australia stands by women during the delicate postpartum period, offering birth debriefing, breastfeeding support, and practical assistance—an extension of our commitment to the enduring well-being of both mother and child.

Unveiling the Transformative Journey

Choosing Holistic Midwifery Australia is an embrace of a transformative, contemporary approach to maternity support—one that resonates with the belief that a nurtured body and mind will undoubtedly give rise to a vibrant and healthy baby.

Join us in rewriting the narrative of childbirth—a tale of interconnectedness, nurturing not just bodies, but hearts and minds. Every woman deserves a childbirth experience that is not only healthy but profoundly joyful and meaningful.

Emma Lewis Naturopath and Midwife Natural Fertility and Pregnancy


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